"Leading With Courage"

Morton Salt

Date: November 11-12

Time: 8:30-4:30 PM Central Time

Place:  ZOOM Meeting

Leading With Courage

You're in a supervisory role, being asked to do more with less, and often doing a lot of the grunt work yourself. What's the best way to lead your people and help them achieve their best while ensuring you're all working towards organizational goals? This program helps supervisors, team leads, directors, managers, etc. practice how to:

• Understand their primary communication style and how that styles impacts (favorably or unfavorably) the people they supervise

• Recognize the primary communication style of their direct reports to they can target their supervisory skills to bring out the best in each individual

• Give specific and impactful feedback when employees are performing well and when they are performing below standard

• Identify what supervisors do to foster open communications among their workers and to build trust

• Demonstrate writing SMART objectives, whether on Performance Evaluations or in day-to-day work conversations

• Follow up in a non-micromanagement manner with tasks they have assigned

• Delegate effectively to their team members whether they are delegating an entire project or a portion

• Development coach employees to higher heights

• Performance improvement coach employees to adequate levels of behavior and performance

• Mediate conflict between employees or departments

• Solve problems and empower employees to resolve their own issues